Ann's Swimming School

Group classes in our pool! From babies to kids up to 10 years old. Also for kids who swim, but need to learn and work on their strokes & technique! & sibling's may attend the same class! No private classes.

(Run by the Truby family!)

Owner-Susanne (Susie) Truby-Anns daughter

Vice-President-Cornelia Truby-Susies sister-in-law & Ann's daughter-in-law

and the founder!-Ann (Ann-Sofi) Truby-Montana

 7050 Sunset Drive,Miami,Fl. 33143,305-661-3820

 Maintenance Classes for Tuesday, Sept. 19th have been canceled

Hi everyone! We hope everyone was safe throught the storm and doing well now! We have to cancel maintenance classes today as well. I lost power here on Saturday, the 9th! The day before the storm and didn't get it back until yesterday, Saturday the 16th! So, the pool pump didn't run for 7 days and was filled with leaves, branches, etc! And it won't be ready tomorrow. I'm not sure about the rest of the week, but doing my best and please check back here or the swim phone to see if we're able to swim or not. We'll for sure swim next week!

Sorry and take care,



Anns Swimming School

Anns Swimming School