Ann's Swimming School

These are group classes in our heated  pool! We do not do private classes here or in your pools!

The ages are for babies ages 6 months up to kids 10-12 years old. We also have classes for kids who already swim, but need to learn and work on their strokes & technique! And sibling's may attend the same class!



(Run by Susie and Cornelia Truby!)

Owner-Susanne (Susie) Truby-Anns daughter

Vice-President-Cornelia Truby-Susies sister-in-law & Ann's daughter-in-law

and the founder!-Ann (Ann-Sofi) Truby-Montana

 7050 Sunset Drive

Miami,Fl. 33143


***December 2019-March 2020 ***

We are sorry, but our school is now closed to all student enrollment until next year. We are not having anymore classes, but we will re-open and post our schedule in mid-February of 2020. So, we are sorry, but 2020 will be here before you know it! And we look forward to meeting new students and families in 2020!! Thank you!







Anns Swimming School

Anns Swimming School