Ann's Swimming School

Owner- Susanne (Susie) Truby

Vice-President- Cornelia Truby

and our founder-Ann (Ann-Sofi) Truby Montana

 7050 Sunset Drive,Miami,Fl. 33143,305-661-3820

**March 30th**

The pool is heated by an electric heater so the water is very nice and warm if you're worried about cool air, your kids won't be cold in the pool! But if the air is cool, leave the solar shirts OFF! They do not help to warm them, quite the opposite! When the cool air hits the wet shirt, it makes you cold! Anyone! Of any age! They are not wet suit material. It's like wearing a wet shirt in the rain! Especially the kids sitting on the steps! Their upper bodies are not under the water! So having the shirt on, they will be colder!



Anns Swimming School

Anns Swimming School